WHAT IS CROSSFIT? / Todo lo que necesitas saber

What is CrossFit? All you need to know

CrossFit is a revolutionary workout coming from the United States based on constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. The specialization of this workout program is to not be specialized: in each WOD (“workout of the day”) you will work your entire body in a functional and general way by doing crash and varied exercises (no day will be the same as another one).

These characteristics along with other ones (measurable taught classes…) have been shown to produce a maximal neuro-endocrine response in our bodies providing us both physical and psychological benefits in the short term what will prepare you to face the different daily challenges.

Thanks to CrossFit you will improve all your physical skills (cardio/respiratory, endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy). All exercises will be adapted to your fitness level and age.

You will increase your physical skills as well as your self- steam!

I am prepared?

Everybody can do CrossFit since it can be adapted to all goals and levels.

If you want to improve your physical shape or lose weight try it… you will get addicted!

If you are out of shape or you want to lose weight and you want to work out, CrossFit is perfect for you. You will improve so quickly that you will set goals you had never imagined.

If you are in good shape but you are bored of working out as usual… push your limits!

If you are just looking for something new to get motivated, CrossFit is perfect for you. You will notice how your body gets adapted and how you outdo yourself. Moreover there is a really friendly atmosphere in the Box since everyone with whom you will work out will have the same goal as you: pass the WOD!

If you are an athletic person and you want to get new goals… CrossFit will make you overcome your expectations!

If you compete in any sport and you are looking for an improvement of your physical skills, CrossFit is perfect for you. A CrossFit workout personalized to all variations (soccer, judo, will improved your physical shape and you will feel more confident.

Outdoing your abilities, friends, new goals every day, friendly atmosphere, your box group and the support of your fellows in every WOD… will make you to be looking forward to crossfitting!